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Established in 1985 we are one of the leading BB pellet importers in Germany and wish to serve you with best quality, latest materials and very competitive prices for a successful distribution of our BB selection. With the opportunity to start our own BB production line we are once more able to provide the highest quality materials as well as secure constant improvement, durability and a large variety to meet almost every customer needs.

The “Must Have” of our pellet line was easy set from the start: Perfect quality with affordable prices for the customer. Especially the penetrating rumour of “biodegradable equals expensive” encouraged us to do better especially in this sector. Next to our very large variety on regular BB pellets we are now able to offer high quality, 100% biodegradable pellets almost similar to prices of regular BBs. With our factory location in Korea we are grateful to announce the partnership with a highly experienced and well established manufacturer. The successful, worldwide distribution of our BB product line proves us that we are on the right track!

With the knowledge and experience – The BBs are “Battle Tested”! - of our company and our partner we are capable of providing various weights in the regular as well as biodegradable sector.

With this website we would like to provide more information to our customers and give you the possibility to learn more about our company and production of our BB pellets.

Don’t wait any longer – challenge our service team and let us serve you with a quality product you don’t want to miss.

Best regards

Yours, Kotte & Zeller Team