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Scale of Weight 

Most problems airsoft shooters report about are based on the the simple fact of using the wrong BB for the individual gun. With this information we would like to give you a small guideline on the individual weights. Simply compare the velocity of the Airsoftgun used you will easily find the perfect weight to use. All test results are based on 0,20g BB.


In the early days of airsoft history the only weight on the market, used by all low grade guns such as some spring pistols (which can’t use .20) and mini electrics. Nowadays they mainly used for “Boys” AEGs series and pistols with a maximum velocity of 0,2 Joule (148fps). The advantage of the 0,12g BB is the faster trajectory and they can be used up to 0,3 Joule.

Recommended for use up to 0,2 Joule (148 FPS, 45m/s)


Slightly heavier then the 0.12's, this BB weight is used in low-velocity toy springer and AEG guns up to 0,3Joule with more accuracy. Recommended for pistol use and any low velocity springer rifle or AEG. Very popular for indoor use as higher accuracy but less shooting range.

Recommended for use up to 0,3 Joule (190 FPS, 57m/s)


Intermediate BB recommended for velocity up to 0,37 Joule. Very accurate when used indoor but can be used outside, too. Mainly used by Airsoft shooters that honor precision before shooting range.

Recommended for use with 0,37 Joule (200 FPS, 61 m/s)


Perfect weight for all sorts of Softair guns with a velocity up to 0,45 Joule. Very good for use in low-velocity gasguns and AEGs with metal gearboxes. Excellent for indoor use but can be used outdoor as well.

Recommended for use with 0,45 Joule (220 FPS, 67 m/s) 


Absolutely recommended for sniper and stockguns with a velocity under 0,5 Joule. This precision BB is especially developed for maximum precision and shooting range for Airsoftguns with 0,5 Joule. The absolute No. 1 BB in this range.

Recommended for use with 0,5 Joule (232 FPS, 70,5 m/s)


Most common and popular weight for tuned softair rifles and pistols. The 0,20g BB stands for very accurate trajectory and shooting range. Recommended for all medium range Softairs - you can actually never go wrong when choosing this weight.

Recommended for use with 0,7 Joule (275 FPS, 83,6 m /s)


More professional weight type especially designed for slightly upgraded softair (M100 Spring) . Many times used in the UK because of the 1 Joule velocity restriction in this country. The 0,03g enables the BB to reach high precision and straight range.

Recommended for use with 1,1 Joule (345 FPS, 105 m/s)


Recommended for 1,1 Joule to 1,5 Joule. This heavy weight BB is privileged for outdoor use and most common weight for professional upgraded airsoft guns especially M120 springs.
Has a very accurate trajectory on outdoor fields.

Recommended for use with 1,5 Joule (403 FPS, 122 m/s)


The beginner BB for the sniper in you. Recommended for gas rifles and strong AEGs up to 2 Joule velocity. Perfect BB for Tanaka Works models for example. For outdoor use even recommended for 2,5 Joule models at low winds.

Recommended for use on 2,0 Joule (465 FPS, 141 m/s) 


Heavy BB range for sniper guns with a velocity 2,0 Joule – 2,5 Joule. Performance BB for outdoor use with high precision and excellent trajectory. Less likely to be blown off course from wind. Better penetration power which can help you eliminate targets behind bushes and other vegetation.

Recommended for use with 2,5 Joule (520 FPS, 158 m/s)


Developed for Sniperguns with minimum 2,5 Joule. Absolute accurate trajectory and high precision. With this weight the airsoft shooter is choosing his BB depending on the wind condition. The heavier weight is extremely accurate but naturally can not reach very high shooting range.

Recommended for use with min. 2,5 Joule (520 FPS, 158 m/s)